Behin Gostar Giti Company




E-Mail: [email protected]
Tel:                                                                 +98 21 4405 1345

Mobile:                                                         +98 912 646 3263

1997-2001 Kharazmi University BSc. Computer Engineering (Software)
2013-2014 Shiraz University     MSc. IT Engineering (Software development)
2018-2021 Qom Azad university          PhD Software Engineering

Work Experience

2001-2003 Nazm Afarinan Pooya Co.

Implementation of Automation software for Conscription system (Iran Government)
P. Lang: Oracle Developer 6.0
CASE tool: Oracle Designer 6.0
Methodology:        CDM


2003-2006 Behin Cara Inc.
Designer and Developer
Design and implement of DEA software for Behin Cara International institute
P. Lang: Delphi 7.0 & MS .NET (C#)
Case Tool: Rational Rose
Methodology:        RUP

2006-2008 Douran Company
Senior Developer and CTO
Design and implement of ERP (Douran-ERP TM)
P. Lang          : Java
Case Tool: Rational Rose & Oracle Designer
Methodology:        RUP


2008-Now Behin Gostar Company.
Board member & CTO
Design and implement of 12 software and solutions.
P. Lang: MS .NET (C#), Android, Java

Consultant for 3 projects and supervisor for 2 projects
Front-End: HTML, CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular
Android (Android Studio/Java native)
MS .NET (C#)
Java (Core + Swing + Struts + EJB)
Oracle ADF
Oracle 8i – Oracle 12c
MS SQL Server (20+ year) .


CDM (Oracle® Custom Development Method)
Generate all CRM documents from Oracle Designer in Conscription project
Big Data (Experience with Hadoop)
Micro-Service on Kubernetes and Istio service mesh
DBMS and Expert systems university courses